Programming The Nature #2: Execute Citizen Charter in Human Body


The citizen charter is hanged on every public spaces
but nobody noticed

During my residency in ARCUS Project, located at Moriya, Irabaki, Japan, I re-wrote their citizen charter in programming code, and marked every single character or sign on individual cookie. Eight hundreds of cookies were baked with the help of locals, and served to guests in the day of open studio. In my logic, I had executed the program in human body.

The citizen charter was established in 1990. It wrote down the Moriya citizens' commitments to love each others, their family, as well as the natural environment, and their wishes of building up a peaceful and healthy city. The charter is hanged on every public spaces such as libraries, schools, and community centers. However, as same as other official and institutional documents, nobody is aware of its existence.

Programming language is an artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. I am interesting in its abstract thinking pattern. For example, things are defined into individual objects in object-oriented structures. Events are explained in cause-and-effect logic with the if-else statements. When we ask computers to solve our everyday problems, I wonder how it influences our concept of the World. I have been developing a series of works in the name of “programming the nature”. I wrote programming codes on natural matter. The codes were inevitably scattered in chaos. And the actions are destined to be useless and meaningless.

	public class Moriyan extends Citizen
		public static const _environment:String = “利根・鬼怒・小貝の清流と豊かな緑”;
		public static const _history:String = “輝く”;
		public static const _tradition:String = “輝く”;
		private var _love:String;
		private var _intend:String;
		private var _promise:Array;
		private var _charter:Array;
		public function Moriyan(l:String, i:String) {
			_love = l;
			_intend = i;
			_promise = new Array();
			_charter = draftCharter();
			if (_love == “郷土” && _intend == “健康で明るく住みよい文化都市”) {
				agreeCharter(_charter, _promise);
		private function agreeCharter(c:Array, p:Array):void {
			for (var k:int=0; k<c.length; k++) {
		private function draftCharter():Array {
			var c:Array = new Array(5);
			c[0] = “水と緑に親しみ、自然を愛し、美しいまちをつくります。”;
			c[1] = “豊かな心を育て、体をきたえ、健康な まちをつくります。”;
			c[2] = “教育文化を高め、個性をのばし、うるおいのあるまちをつくります。”;
			c[3] = “明るい家庭をきずき、きまりを守り、平和なまちをつくります。”;
			c[4] = “互いに助け合い、責任を果たし、生きがいのあるまちをつくります。”;
			return c;


The programming code is written based on the following citizen charter of Moriya, Irabaki, Japan:




  • 水と緑に親しみ、自然を愛し、美しいまちをつくります。
  • 豊かな心を育て、体をきたえ、健康な まちをつくります。
  • 教育文化を高め、個性をのばし、うるおいのあるまちをつくります。
  • 明るい家庭をきずき、きまりを守り、平和なまちをつくります。
  • 互いに助け合い、責任を果たし、生きがいのあるまちをつくります。